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The philosophy of helping to develop the communities in which we operate has been an inherent part of our approach from the very beginning.
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Hemam Jameel

Hemam Jameel is a not-for-profit organization established by Abdul Latif Jameel Enterprises in Saudi Arabia with the key strategy of providing innovative, and life enabling, solutions for the daily challenges faced by people with all disabilities, both today and into the future. It aims to address needs that empower people to enjoy a full opportunity to participate in all aspects of society, and through this to help build a better, more inclusive and sustainable community.

Hemam Jameel seeks to achieve this through an integrated ecosystem of support in the fields of education, healthcare, awareness, mobility, and transportation.

Hemam Jameel is one of five projects that nominated to win the eddah Award for Creativity

Hemam Jameel is a sponsor for World Disability Day [2019] at Dar Al-Hekma University.

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Community Jameel Saudi

Today, Community Jameel is a global philanthropy innovating for a better future. Working across six areas – livelihoods, arts, education, health, climate and evidence – Community Jameel continues the Jameel family tradition of philanthropy established in 1945. Visit the Community Jameel website to learn more about its impact around the World.

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