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Investing in the Future of Saudi Arabia

At Abdul Latif Jameel Enterprises, we are an investment team focused on impactful private equity growth and buyouts across key sectors, such as Automotive, Logistics, Health and Wellness, Real Estate, Water Treatment, and Technology.

Our approach combines broad, sector-agnostic strategies with deep expertise in these essential areas, aiming to promote sustainable development in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Investment Portfolio Overview

At Abdul Latif Jameel Enterprises, our investment portfolio spans a diverse range of sectors, each chosen for its potential to drive growth, innovation, and sustainable development. Our focused sectors are:

Automotive Aftermarket Sector:

  • Distribution, Service, and EV Components Manufacturing: We invest in enhancing the value chain of automotive services and expanding into the burgeoning electric vehicle components market, ensuring we stay at the forefront of automotive advancements.


Logistics and Supply Chain:

  • We aim to revolutionize logistics and supply chain management through strategic investments that optimize efficiency and connectivity, positioning ourselves as a key player in this critical infrastructure sector.


Health and Wellness:

  • Our investments in health and wellness focus on innovative healthcare solutions and services that promote better health outcomes and accessibility, reflecting our commitment to improving quality of life.


Real Estate Development:

  • Affordable Luxury Residential: We develop sustainable, high-quality residential projects that offer affordable luxury living, contributing to the enhancement of urban landscapes and providing value-driven housing solutions.


Energy and Water Sector:

  • In response to global and regional energy and water scarcity challenges, we invest in advanced technologies and solutions that ensure sustainable management and environmental stewardship in energy production and water treatment.



  • Our investment exploration includes cutting-edge developments in AI, IoT, and digital transformation initiatives. These initiatives drive innovation across all sectors and support our strategic objectives in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Investment Mandate

Our investment criteria are tailored to align potential opportunities with our strategic and financial goals. However, bolt-on acquisitions for our portfolio companies might not strictly adhere to these criteria, providing flexibility to seize unique opportunities that enhance value and competitiveness. This approach allows for dynamic, responsive investment decisions that effectively support the growth and diversification of our portfolio.



Integrity, professionalism, and strong governance are foundational to our operations, ensuring we maintain our reputation and remain a trusted partner. We are committed to our stakeholders and dedicated to maintaining our role as a dependable and ethical leader in the investment community, contributing to the realization of Vision 2030’s goals.

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