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Abdul Latif Jameel Properties manages a property portfolio consisting of hundreds of buildings, including corporate offices, car showrooms, workshops, training facilities, and operational centers across the Kingdom. Over the forthcoming years, we will add further projects to our portfolio. These will range from the refurbishment and construction of our own buildings and premises to participation in ambitious national projects and the development of a new class of high-quality, contemporary and affordable middle-income housing.





As one of the leading land and real estate developers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are studying the growing need for residential real estate projects and commercial projects, such as offices, markets, medical centers, and hotels throughout the Kingdom, and we look forward to cooperation and partnerships with entities with expertise in these areas. For more inquire regarding this matter please contact us as 920014150


We aim to be the leader developer of high-quality real estate in Saudi Arabia. We achieve this, as our development strategy not only focuses on developing land from our company portfolio, but also on partnerships with semi-government entities, real estate funds, and landlords.


We are committed to providing a better lifestyle for the communities that we build, after completing projects within the agreed time and securing the needed services for the residents, and a better service for our clients, which means improving the public and private areas in the properties that we develop.