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In 2014, Abdul Latif Jameel Enterprises created a dedicated business to offer high quality accessorization and personalization solutions to the Saudi Arabian motorist.
Professional Solutions for Vehicles and Accessories (CarHub) was established to expand Abdul Latif Jameel vehicle ownership services and offer the very best innovative, safe, and end-to-end accessories and equipment solutions, by joining forces with the best-in-class providers from around the world.

PSVA is the supplier of accessories, service material and consumables to Abdul Latif Jameel Motors Toyota and Lexus retail outlets in Saudi Arabia.

The business portfolio extends across the following business categories:

Workshop Solutions

From providing world class quality treatment and protection services to a variety of high-end accessory solutions, including upgrading the functionality of cars with accessories, such as in-car audio and entertainment systems, connectivity and even car interior upgrades.

Accessories Solutions


Focusing on sourcing vehicle workshop requirements including all consumable materials as well as introducing re-sellable services such as HVAC systems servicing, cleaning and refurbishment.

Car care Solutions

Coolite is our business that offers fully integrated solutions to deliver premium automotive care and vehicle conditioning. These include a comprehensive range of high-end protective vehicle window films from Coolite, employing advanced technology for perfect thermal insulation – meeting the most stringent global standards.

To protect your vehicle’s appearance, we supply and apply a range of paint protection, and nano-ceramic coating solutions from some of the world’s most proven and respected brand names.

Digital Solutions

CarHub is a digitalized solution for automotive services enabling service providers to give their location, service, and price to you under one platform, with an emphasis CarHub® is Abdul Latif Jameel Enterprises digitalized automotive services platform. Designed to bring consumers and service providers together in one convenient place, the CarHub® offers incredible online 24/7 convenience to all motorists in Saudi Arabia, enabling you to identify trusted auto-services providers to keep you on the road. It helps you understand and compare prices and see those services most conveniently located to save you time and money and provide assured peace of mind.

For businesses, CarHub® offers a quick and convenient way to find and connect with new customers, tell them about your services, and create meaningful experiences that will keep them coming back.

We hope you enjoy the experience as much as we enjoy offering them to you. Learn more, visit the CarHub Website, and download the smart device app for iOS and Android today!