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Abdul Latif Jameel first introduced Toyota Genuine Motor Oil (TGMO) into Saudi Arabia in 1988. TGMO is a crucial component of any Toyota and Lexus vehicle’s longevity and wellbeing, and today TGMO is one of the most popular brands in the passenger car motor oil segment in Saudi Arabia, making it the third largest global market for TGMO sales volume.

At the Abdul Latif Jameel network of Toyota and Lexus showrooms, we provide the right oil needed to ensure our customers’ cars and light-duty trucks receive the best possible care and protection for the demanding driving conditions of modern driving, and the occasionally harsh climate where they operate. Our authorized reseller network builds on that high quality product experience, taking Toyota Genuine Motor Oil to an ever-growing customer base across the country. TGMO currently has a distribution of over 90% across the branded and un-branded automotive service network across Saudi Arabia.

Each TGMO product has been specifically formulated with Toyota vehicles in mind, protecting engines against the stresses and strains of driving in the region’s hot and dry conditions. Our product range includes a wide range of product grades which includes different variants for usage in petrol and diesel engines. In addition, there is a growing chemical products portfolio including Toyota Genuine Long Life Coolant, Toyota Genuine Window Washer Fluid and Toyota Genuine Break Fluid.

Going forward Abdul Latif Jameel for Oils has worked on diversifying the portfolio targeting new segments within the automotive sector by introducing the new HyundaiXteer Brand. The oil blended in Korea is designed specifically for Korean carsto give maximum protection and performance. The company has also launched its product offering in the Industrial/B2B segment targeting various sectors including Cement Plants., Power Plants, Oil & Gas Industrial Plants, Light and Medium Industries, Logistics and Construction Companies.