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Abdul Latif Jameel Enterprises held the annual Town Hall ceremony for the year 2021. under the slogan “Innovate, Digitize, and Diversify”. During the event, the Chairman of the Board and CEO, Eng. Faisal Alsamannoudi, shared with the leaders and managers of the companies the 2022 strategy and targeted investment plans, ending with a motivational speech in which he expressed the importance of embracing the company’s core values ​​and in which he also shared his gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of all associates in the company.

Thereafter came the speech of the (Acting) Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Rowaid Al-Sawaf, who participated in presenting all the achievements of Abdul Latif Jameel Enterprises in 2021, the most important of which was the company being certified the Top Employer Award from the Top Employer Institute in the Netherlands for the fourth consecutive year, and a Mowa’ma gold certificate granted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to the following companies: Abdul Latif Jameel Oil, Abdul Latif Jameel Logistics, and Abdul Latif Jameel outdoors. (Read the full article here)

This is in addition to the charitable achievements that aim to create a sustainable and inclusive society for people with disabilities, the most important being the provision of various training courses for more than 900 people, the employment of 9 people with disabilities in the companies affiliated with Abdul Latif Jameel, and finally the contribution with the Hayat Jameel Charitable Foundation to perform 40 corneal surgeries for those in need.

Global influencer and speaker, Mr Arther Carmazzi gave an interactive lecture entitled: Developing an Innovative Culture for Digital Transformation. The ceremony concluded by honoring the departments and companies on the occasion for their exceptional achievements during the previous year.


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