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TV interview with the Vice Chairman and CEO, Eng. Faisal Al- AlSamannoudi, on MBC’s Sabah El Kheir Ya Arab

In the interview, Eng. Samannoudi talked about the most prominent initiatives launched by Community Jameel Saudi in cooperation with Hemam Jameel. These initiatives, which include social and humanitarian elements, are structured upon a strategy of providing innovative solutions to the challenges of today and the future, and are mainly designed to meet the requirements of people with special needs.

Eng. Faisal also shared the vision and mission of Hemam Jameel, saying: “Our vision is to build a sustainable and inclusive society for people with special needs, and our mission is to facilitate the lives of people with special needs through ideal initiatives that help them in all aspects of their lives.”

He also mentioned the inherent relationship that brings together the Jameel family, under the leadership of the late founder Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel, with community and humanitarian initiatives and services. He said: “The idea rooted from our late founder, Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel (may God have mercy on him) and his sons after him, where he launched the Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital for Rehabilitation, a non-profit hospital, where it soon became one of the leading hospitals in its field.”

In his dialogue, he also referred to the various tracks in Hemam Jameel and the solutions of rehabilitative products, along with ones related to mobility, including the comprehensive access services as one of the consultation tracks.

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